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UACES Soybean Variety Selection (SOYVA) Program

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2012 Soybean Variety Selection (SOYVA)
Updated February 27, 2012

Field I.D.:
Field Location:
Soil Texture:
Planting Date:
Is there an S.C.N. problem? 
S.C.N. Race:
# eggs per pint of soil:
Is Root Knot a problem? Yes No Is lodging a problem? Yes No
Is Aerial Blight a problem? Yes No Is Frogeye Leafspot a serious problem? Yes No
Is Stem Canker a problem? Yes No Is S.D.S. a serious problem? Yes No
Do you plan to plant S.T.S. soybeans? Yes No Are high levels of soil chloride a problem? Yes No
Will field be irrigated? Yes No What type of herbicide technology will be used? Conventional